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Wall decals are stylish and removable vinyl graphics, designed to embellish your space! They are an exciting new way of adding flair to your home decor. The designs have a matt/satin finish, giving the impression that the design has been professionally painted on your wall. The vinyl is self-adhesive, easily installed and will last for over five years if applied and maintained correctly. If applied to exterior surfaces, the life expectancy is reduced to around three years. 
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We can print large wall poster and artworks
For successful application, Wall Decals require a smooth (not textured), clean and dust free surface. If your wall is freshly painted, please wait at least four weeks to ensure the paint is properly cured before applying the decal. We do not recommend applying the decals to paper but almost any non-porous surface is suitable - doors, cupboards, fridges, laptops, glass, metal ...and of course, walls!